These stunning red big heart hoop earrings from Trend Tonic are a must for any statement earring lover. The cork fabric also known as cork leather is vegan friendly, plastic free, and sustainable.  The earings are hand made so each pair is unique! They are also lightweight, which makes a huge difference whe  you want to wear your statement earrings all day!  The hoops are silver tone stainless steel. Printon one side.


Cork fabric is:
Soft to the touch
Easily cleaned and long lasting
Durable as leather, versatile as fabric
Hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, waterproof and stain resistant
Dust, dirt, and grease repellent
Environmentally and ecologically friendly


The hoops are lead and nickel free 25mm big with a 1.5 inch cork heart


Additional information


Please remove earrings before sleep or getting wet! Don’t squeeze the hoops to hard or they might loose their shape!

Red Big Heart Hoop Earrings





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