A set of metallic uber chunky biodegradable glitters from Eco Glitter Fun - Their new Bioglitter® PURE range, 100% plastic free. This set of 3 x 4g bottles includes uber chunky citrine, sterling and bronze Bioglitter® PURE. This also includes their glitter application vegan aloe vera gel, linen sack and bamboo application brush. 


This glitter is cosmetic grade and suitable for application on the face, hair, body and crafts. Suitable for vegetarians & cruelty-free.


Product info


All weights approximate.

Uber chunky (2400 micron/.094” hex)
This can be used for application on your face, body, hair and in crafts.


All their biodegradable glitter comes in glass bottles with aluminium lids and compostable labels. All packaging is made from recycled cardboard, shredded paper and paper packing tape.


Bioglitter® PURE is made from a unique Modified Regenerated Cellulose . Once in the natural environment microbes will consume the biodegradable content over a period of weeks and months. 


Bioglitter® PURE contains shellac so it is not suitable for vegans but it is suitable for vegetarians. No animal testing was involved in the development or production of our glitter, it is cruelty-free. 


Allergy warning

Our eco glitter does not contain any of the following common food allergens; eggs, peanuts, milk, sesame seeds, fish, soybeans, mustard, lupin, mollusc, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide, celery, cereals, nuts. However, we recommend removing the eco glitter prior to sleeping to avoid any irritation. In rare circumstances people are allergic to aloe vera gel. If you are at all concerned about this, please do a patch test on your arm. 

Pure Uber Chunky Metallic Set

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