The stunning Petal earrings from Trend Tonic is 2 inches in length, made from sustainable cork and silver tone stainless steel.


The bark is carefully stripped away without damaging the tree and it regrows! As such each pair is totally unique with natural markings on! The backs are left plain to allow to be used as essential oil diffusers and to ensure they are fully sustainable.


Don’t forget to wear your rubbers!


These little rubber backs are not just to hold your earrings to the packaging, slip these bad boys on your earrings to help make sure they don’t fall off. The earrings are super light and you might not notice if one pops out! 


Cork fabric is also known as cork leather or vegan leather because it is seen as the animal-friendly alternative to leather. It is a high quality fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree.

Cork fabric is:
Soft to the touch
Easily cleaned and long lasting
Durable as leather, versatile as fabric
Hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, waterproof and stain resistant
Dust, dirt, and grease repellent
Environmentally and ecologically friendly

Please take your earrings out before bed or in water.






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