Get the beautiful Flawless handcrafted 10 piece set!  


Contouring Brush:

Achieve a perfect contour with the Flawless Contouring Brush.

The synthetic fibres are densely packed and luxuriously soft, picking up the perfect amount of product for seamlessly blending your favourite bronzer or contouring product.


Highlighting Brush:

Illuminate face and body areas with the Flawless Highlighting Brush.

Sweep the incredibly soft bristles across your favourite highlighter or bronzer to deliver the perfect amount of product to anywhere you want to glow.  This brush has been designed with a narrow head for precision highlighting and densely packed bristles to enable layering.

Whether it’s a subtle accent or an intense glow, this brush delivers it all.


Classic Foundation Brush:

The Flawless Classic Foundation Brush seamlessly applies foundation to all areas of the face.  It picks up the perfect amount of product and is designed to create a flawlessly smooth and even finish.  Suitable for use with liquid, cream and gel foundations. It is also fantastic for contouring due to its flattened shape, providing the softest or ultimate definition.


Buffing Foundation Brush:

The densely packed bristles of the Flawless Buffing Brush provide an airbrushed finish to your foundation. The bristles are incredibly soft meaning that foundation can be buffed onto skin lightly or built up gradually for fuller coverage. Use with powder, mineral, liquid or cream formulations. To use: dip the flattened top into your favourite product, picking up a small amount at a time. Buff onto your skin in small circular motions until blended throughout. Repeat until the desired coverage has been achieved. Step back and admire.


The Professional Makeup Eye Brush Set Includes:


the angled brush, the blending brush, the diffusing brush, the eye brow/liner brush and the small flat brush.


Define and Line: Create brows to die for or easily achieve perfectly winged eyeliner with the cleverly designed hard angled brush. (Eye brow/liner brush)


Shade: Use the blending brush in the crease of the eyelid for ultimate definition or to delicately blend out eyeshadows. (The agled blending brush)


Smudge: Soften eyeliner for a smokey eye effect or use to apply colour on the inner corner of the eye. (Diffusing brush)


Blend: Blend concealer around and under the eye area for an even complexion. (The blending Brush)


Paint: The versatile small flat brush is ideal for applying powders, minerals or creams. Use for eyeshadow, concealers, detailed contouring or on lips. (Small flat brush)


Mini Kabuki Brush:

The Flawless mini kabuki brush with its densley packed fluffy bristles is designed to perfectly smooth foundation, blusher, and powder.  Its short handle is great for an all over make-up application and is the perfect size to slip into your bag when out.


Each brush is hand crafted and made to order, the bamboo handles differ in colour which makes each brush unique.  


Each brush is hand crafted and made to order, the bamboo handles differ in colour which makes each brush unique.  




Made with:  Handcrafted bamboo, aluminium and sythetic fibres.  As animal hair is the only natural material to use with cosmetic brushes, we have decided to stock brushes with a plastic free handle and sythetic fibres.  We believe that giving our customers an alternative option to purchase makeup brushes with plastic free handles and synthetic fibres, is better than using unethical materials.  Vegan friendly, cruelty free.

Full Brush Set

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