The beautifull gift packaged bundle comes with a facial bar, soap tin and 5 facial scrubbies.


The Friendly soap tin is light in weight, it will keep your soap bar safe and your toiletries bag clean and dry.  Weight: 60g.  Measurements: 10 x 7 x 3cm.  Made from aluminium.


Treat yourself to a set of reusable handmade pink & lilac face or blue & grey facial scrubbies!  These crochet face scrubbies by Boppers Bespoke has the perfect pattern for a gentle exfoliation of the face. They are not only super soft on your skin but are also durable at the same time.  You can use them over and over again to wash your face, remove make up, remove masks and to cleanse your face.  They also hold up well in your washing machine.  So ditch your disposable cotton rounds for these beautiful reusable scrubbies that are a real luxury to your pamper routine.  Made from bamboo and cotton, these reusable scrubbies are fully compostable when it is eventually time for them to be replaced. Materials: 60% Bamboo, 40% Cotton.  Care Instructions: Machine wash at 60 or below. 


Choose between 2 Friendly natural facial soap bars.


95g Friendly Shea Butter fragrance-free facial soap bar contains a rich blend of fatty acids and antioxidents.  The soap bar is gentle, moisturising, contains Vitamin A and can help sooth dry skin, eczema and reduce the signs of wrinkles.  Hand made with shea Butter, coconut oil and olive oil.  Free from palm oil, preservatives and sulphates.  Vegan friendly with plastic free packaging.


Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, Sodium cocoate, Sodium olivate, Aqua


95g Friendly Cocoa Butter naturally moisturising fragrance free bar.  This bar was specially formulated for delicate or damaged skin.  Vitamin A, antioxidants and health fatty acids can be found within this super moisturising natural cleansing bar.  Made with cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil.  Designed for delicate, sensitive skin, can be used on eczema or help reduce the signs of wrinkles.  Free from palm oil, sulphates and preservatives.  Vegan friendly, plastic free packaging.


Ingredients: Sodium cocoa butterate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium olivate, aqua.

Facial Bar with Scrubbies & Soap Tin

Facial Bars




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