The Flawless eye brow/liner cosmetic brush can help you create perfect brows or wing your liner to perfection. Crafted with stiff angled bristles. This brush picks up the perfect amount of product to deliver the finish you are looking for.


The handle has been specifically crafted to be shorter in length, enabling you to get closer to your mirror for precision work.


This brush is perfectly designed to shade brows to any shape you desire and the pointed tip allows you to create beautifully winged eyeliner.


Each brush is hand crafted and made to order, the bamboo handles differ in colour which makes each brush unique.  


Made from bamboo, aluminium and taklon synthetic fibres. All materials are sustainably sourced.


Vegan Friendly.


*We have decided to stock cosmetic brushes that use synthetic fibre as the only other natural alternative commonly used in high end brushes would be animal hair.  We would never use animal hair in any of our products.  We believe that offering our customers a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic handled cosmetic brushes is still a positive step to helping our customers cut down on their plastic usage.  When their is a natural plastic free, animal friendly alternative on the market we will be changing immedietly.


Eye Brow/Liner Cosmetic Brush

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