The densely packed bristles of the Flawless Buffing Brush provide an airbrushed finish to your foundation.


The bristles are incredibly soft meaning that foundation can be buffed onto skin lightly or built up gradually for fuller coverage. Use with powder, mineral, liquid or cream formulations.


To use: dip the flattened top into your favourite product, picking up a small amount at a time. Buff onto your skin in small circular motions until blended throughout. Repeat until the desired coverage has been achieved. Step back and admire.


Made with: handcrafted bamboo handle, aluminium and synthetic fibres.  As the only natural bristles for cosmetic brushes are made with animal hair, we have decided to stock brushes with plastic free handles and sythetic fibres.  We feel this is the best compromise to offer our customers a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic handled cosmetic brushes.  Vegan Friendly.

Buffing Foundation Brush

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